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Abuse of Guantanamo Prisoners Continues Despite Obama’s Ban

July 22, 2009

On November 20 2008, US District Judge Richard J. Leon ruled that the US government had no evidence to justify the detention of Boumediene and four other Algerians and ordered their release.

Even though the Pentagon considered him and four other Algerians as “free detainees,” they remained in Guantanamo until May 15 2009.

Recently, Boumediene told the German Spiegel that “the abuse and humiliation of prisoners continues in Guantanamo and that detainees there are still harassed and tortured.”

He says that any claims that such treatment has stopped since Barack Obama became the US president and banned torture and abuse of prisoners “are untrue.”

The US Department of Defense, of course, denies all the accusations.

STORY: http://www.spiegel.de/international/world/0,1518,637099,00.html

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