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March 5th 2020 12

Are you using the best credit card when ordering food for delivery?

The key to more success is to have a lot of pillows. Always remember in the jungle there’s a lot of they in there, after you will make it to paradise. Egg whites, turkey sausage, wheat toast, water.

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March 5th 2020 12

Are you using the best credit card when ordering food for delivery?

The key to more success is to have a lot of pillows. Always remember in the jungle there’s a lot of they in there, after you will make it to paradise. Egg whites, turkey sausage, wheat toast, water.

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March 5th 2020 12

Are you using the best credit card when ordering food for delivery?

The key to more success is to have a lot of pillows. Always remember in the jungle there’s a lot of they in there, after you will make it to paradise. Egg whites, turkey sausage, wheat toast, water.

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March 5th 2020 12

Are you using the best credit card when ordering food for delivery?

The key to more success is to have a lot of pillows. Always remember in the jungle there’s a lot of they in there, after you will make it to paradise. Egg whites, turkey sausage, wheat toast, water.

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March 5th 2020 12

Are you using the best credit card when ordering food for delivery?

The key to more success is to have a lot of pillows. Always remember in the jungle there’s a lot of they in there, after you will make it to paradise. Egg whites, turkey sausage, wheat toast, water.

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March 5th 2020 12

Are you using the best credit card when ordering food for delivery?

The key to more success is to have a lot of pillows. Always remember in the jungle there’s a lot of they in there, after you will make it to paradise. Egg whites, turkey sausage, wheat toast, water.

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Egypt, Nazi Germany & North Carolina

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Does the following description of a political situation at the beginning of July apply to Egypt, or to North Carolina?

“Just a year after winning a decisive election victory and taking power from an entrenched regime that had been in charge for many years, the victors alienated a substantial part of their population. Their undemocratic efforts to deny participation by those people and groups who oppose them were patently undemocratic and unfair.”

It applies to Egypt before the recent ouster of the Muslim Brotherhood-led government. But, arguably, it could apply just as well to North Carolina’s political transformation.

Our state’s political turnaround recently got the attention of another national columnist.

“There was a time,” wrote Neal Peirce of The Washington Post, “when North Carolina was a symbol of Southern enlightenment. Compared to the policies of the old ‘Solid South — Democratic, conservative, fervidly anti-civil rights — the state embraced relatively progressive policies in such areas as education and race relations.

“No longer… the Tar Heel state is racing to lead the pack in conservative anti-city and implicitly anti-black politics.”

Peirce partially summarized the record, noting a bill that reduces revenue by a half-billion dollars, lowering taxes on high income individuals “while increasing taxes for small business owners and lower-and-middle-class taxpayers,” cutting unemployment insurance coverage, cutting support of elementary education, and repealing the Racial Justice Act.

In Egypt, the actions of the government led to popular uprisings followed by the government’s ouster led by the military.

In North Carolina, the actions of the government led to the protests on Moral Mondays.

“What are the odds that Moral Monday protests or the like will deter North Carolina’s new right-wing politics?” Peirce said.

“Realistically, very low.” he answers.

Noting the legislature’s efforts to “seize city assets” like the Charlotte airport and Asheville water system, Peirce says, “It’s clear that an ugly ‘reward-friends, punish-adversaries’ politics is in full flower.”

Is there any prospect for change in direction?

Not much, according to Peirce. “Growing Hispanic and other more moderate political voices could offset the trend. But with North Carolina’s legislative districts carefully drawn to entrench the ascendant Republicans, a return to moderation may be years — if not decades — away.”

Somebody might ask, “Where is the Egyptian Army when we need them?”

On the other hand, some political observers point out that, after being out of power for so long, the newly empowered can be forgiven for a few excesses and that, once they are accustomed to the responsibilities of governing, their policies will become more moderate and practical.

The apologists for the ousted Egyptian government made the same argument.

Similar explanations were made to explain away Nazi excesses when they took power in Germany in 1933 according to Erik Larson’s recent best seller, “In the Garden of Beasts: Love, Terror, and an American Family in Hitler’s Berlin,” based on the experience of North Carolina native William E. Dodd, who was U.S. Ambassador to Germany during this period.

According to Larson, when the new Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels faced questions about abuse against Jews, he told reporters, “Let me explain how such a thing might occasionally happen,” Goebbels said. “All during the twelve years of the Weimar Republic our people were virtually in jail. Now our party is in charge and they are free again. When a man has been in jail for twelve years and he is suddenly freed, in his joy he may do something irrational, perhaps even brutal. Is that not a possibility in your country also?”

In our state, too?

D.G. Martin hosts “North Carolina Bookwatch,” which airs Sundays at noon and Thursdays at 5 p.m. on UNC-TV.

BOGOTA, Colombia — In the latest twist on long-running allegations, Venezuelan officials Wednesday accused members of Miami’s Cuban exile community and former CIA agent Luís Posada Carriles of plotting to assassinate President Nicolás Maduro, as he struggles to fill the shoes of late leader Hugo Chávez.

“The plans to physically eliminate Maduro are underway,” National Assembly President Diosdado Cabello told state-run TV. “Where is this coming from? Miami … from Cubans who went there many years ago — who are living there — and have contact with Venezuela.”

Although he provided few details, Cabello said Posada Carriles is working with former Colombian President Alvaro Uribe to hatch the plot, which he claimed had raised $2.5 million and amassed 400 mercenaries. He said the armed men had entered the country through Zulia state, which borders Colombia, and that the government foiled an assassination plot against Maduro that was scheduled for last Saturday.

Cabello said Interior Minister Miguel Rodríguez Torres would provide additional details Wednesday night.

Assassination allegations aren’t new in Venezuela. At various times since Maduro won April’s hotly contested election, the administration has fingered shadowy El Salvadoran or Colombian mercenaries as being behind the plot. Uribe and former U.S. diplomats also have been named. The administration has repeatedly said it would provide proof of its claims, but little has been forthcoming.

Carriles, a former CIA agent who lives in the United States and has deep ties to South Florida, is wanted in Venezuela and Cuba for the 1976 bombing of a Cubana de Aviación flight that killed 73 people.

Cabello said he’s seen the reports that Carriles, who is in his 80s, is frail and old. “But Posada Carriles doesn’t work alone; he has a large network around him,” he said.

Miranda Gov. Henrique Capriles, who ran against Maduro, took to Twitter to blast the latest allegations.

“Once again, the corrupt ones are talking about a supposed assassination attempt to distract our from the disaster of this Government,]” he wrote. “Nobody believes them.”

August 21, 2013

Monsanto Company (NYSE:MON) has had one of the most up-and-down years of the stocks we track. Shares of the ag behemoth have been unable to get on a run in 2013, as constant drama over GMOs seems to be hitting the newswires daily. With that in mind, it appears that some hedge funds want nothing to do with it.

Now, according to many market players, hedge funds are seen as delayed, old investment vehicles of a forgotten age. Although there are over 8,000 hedge funds trading currently, Insider Monkey looks at the moguls of this group, around 525 funds. Analysts calculate that this group controls the lion’s share of all hedge funds’ total assets, and by monitoring their highest quality equity investments, we’ve figured out a few investment strategies that have historically outpaced the S&P 500. Our small-cap hedge fund strategy beat the S&P 500 index by 18 percentage points annually for a decade in our back tests, and since we’ve began to sharing our picks with our subscribers at the end of August 2012, we have outperformed the S&P 500 index by 33 percentage points in 11 months (see all of our picks from August).
Just as crucial, positive insider trading sentiment is another way to look at the investments you’re interested in. As the old adage goes: there are lots of stimuli for a bullish insider to drop shares of his or her company, but just one, very obvious reason why they would behave bullishly. Plenty of academic studies have demonstrated the impressive potential of this tactic if “monkeys” know what to do (learn more here).
What’s more, it’s important to examine the latest info for Monsanto Company (NYSE:MON).

What have hedge funds been doing with Monsanto Company (NYSE:MON)?

In preparation for the third quarter, a total of 59 of the hedge funds we track held long positions in this stock, a change of -6% from one quarter earlier. With hedge funds’ sentiment swirling, there exists a select group of key hedge fund managers who were upping their stakes substantially.Out of the hedge funds we follow, Stephen Mandel’s Lone Pine Capital had the most valuable position in Monsanto Company (NYSE:MON), worth close to $613.3 million, accounting for 3% of its total 13F portfolio. On Lone Pine Capital’s heels is Andreas Halvorsen of Viking Global, with a $414.5 million position; 2.3% of its 13F portfolio is allocated to the company. Other peers with similar optimism include Phill Gross and Robert Atchinson’s Adage Capital Management, John Griffin’s Blue Ridge Capital and Jason Capello’s Merchants’ Gate Capital.

Since Monsanto Company (NYSE:MON) has experienced declining interest from the entirety of the hedge funds we track, logic holds that there exists a select few hedgies that decided to sell off their positions entirely at the end of the second quarter. At the top of the heap, Jeffrey Vinik’s Vinik Asset Management said goodbye to the largest stake of the 450+ funds we monitor, totaling close to $100.8 million in stock. Sean Cullinan’s fund, Point State Capital, also dropped its stock, about $54.7 million worth. These transactions are interesting, as total hedge fund interest was cut by 4 funds at the end of the second quarter.

What do corporate executives and insiders think about Monsanto Company (NYSE:MON)?

Legal insider trading, particularly when it’s bullish, is particularly usable when the company in focus has seen transactions within the past half-year. Over the last half-year time period, Monsanto Company (NYSE:MON) has seen zero unique insiders purchasing, and 10 insider sales (see the details of insider trades here).

We’ll check out the relationship between both of these indicators in other stocks similar to Monsanto Company (NYSE:MON). These stocks are CF Industries Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:CF), Agrium Inc. (USA) (NYSE:AGU), Mosaic Co (NYSE:MOS), Potash Corp./Saskatchewan (USA) (NYSE:POT), and Syngenta AG (ADR) (NYSE:SYT). This group of stocks are in the agricultural chemicals industry and their market caps are similar to MON’s market cap.
Company Name # of Hedge Funds # of Insiders Buying # of Insiders Selling
CF Industries Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:CF) 46 0 3
Agrium Inc. (USA) (NYSE:AGU) 23 0 0
Mosaic Co (NYSE:MOS) 34 1 1
Potash Corp./Saskatchewan (USA) (NYSE:POT) 21 0 0
Syngenta AG (ADR) (NYSE:SYT) 10 0



Using the results demonstrated by Insider Monkey’s tactics, average investors should always watch hedge fund and insider trading sentiment, and Monsanto Company (NYSE:MON) is no exception.

WASHINGTON – A “senior covert paramilitary officer” sued the CIA, claiming the agency has been harassing him with illegal electronic surveillance, prolonging its investigation into false accusations that he committed war crimes.

John Doe sued the Central Intelligence Agency in Federal Court.

He describes himself in the brief lawsuit as “a senior covert paramilitary officer of the defendant Central Intelligence Agency.” In a footnote, he says: “Due to the covert status of the plaintiff neither his true name nor whereabouts can be revealed.”

Doe sued the CIA under the Administrative Procedures Act, claiming that the Office of Inspector General is drawing out its investigation in an effort to harass him.

Doe claims he is a former member of the U.S. Armed Forces and “was assigned and completed various tasks while deployed overseas for the CIA during the period of 2003 – 2011. This included, but was not limited to, offensive operations against individuals designated or viewed as enemies of the United States.”

Doe’s attorney Mark Zaid told Courthouse News that his client has been trained in countersurveillance, so he could detect the unlawful actions taken against him.

“The CIA officer, who has been trained in countersurveillance, has been able to identify numerous instances in which personnel, some of whom he actually recognized, were following him,” Zaid said in an interview. “In addition, his electronic systems, such as computers and cell phones, have been continually and aggressively attacked by hostile viruses and worms, and this occurs every time he purchases a new device.”

The complaint states: “Following a specific overseas assignment/activity, John Doe was wrongfully accused of participating, committing and/or possessing information about war crimes. Other CIA employees were also accused.

“An investigation was opened by the CIA’s OIG in or around 2010 – 2011. Upon learning of the investigation, John Doe requested that his attorney be granted the proper security clearance to that could discuss the allegations and receive appropriate legal device.

“A criminal inquiry was also opened and investigated by the Department of Justice. Without ever interviewing John Doe the matter was closed and prosecution was declined in or around 2011 – 2012. In connection with internal investigations of John Doe, CIA employees, either with or without authority, initiated physical and electronic surveillance of him, some of which were unlawful. The surveillance included harassment tactics undertaken by local law enforcement who were cooperating with the CIA. Other tactics involved corruption of electronic devices such as computers and cell phones. The Federal Bureau of Investigation opened an investigation into CIA’s activities involving John Doe.”

Doe claims that he offered to be interviewed by the CIA’s Office of Inspector General, but it never did interview him.

“In summer/fall 2012, an attorney for the CIA OIG informed John Doe’s attorney that he had pushed for the investigation to be closed and that there is no reason for the investigators to keep it open any longer,” Doe says in the complaint. He claims the agency knows it has nothing on him, but is “purposefully refusing to administratively close its investigation in order to discredit or otherwise cause harm to his career.”

He asks the court to order the CIA to complete and close its investigation in compliance with federal law. He also wants reasonable costs and attorney’s fees.

August  21, 2013

Trayvon Martin’s death has brought attention to racial inequities on a  national scale. Rather than confront the reality of being black in America, the racist right wing now claims that any discussion of racial issues is racist. Moreover, they are seizing on any incident, in which black males have engaged in criminal behavior towards whites, to say that these assaults are motivated by black racist hatred. They demand that black leaders address these supposed hate crimes which can’t, under any circumstances, be compared to a killing that is part of a long tradition of whites profiling and killing blacks because of racist hatred. Recently, in Oklahoma, a white man was allegedly killed by a mixed race group of teens. The racist right wing (including Fox’s Todd Starnes) is racializing the incident and asking if the President, who, I guess is responsible for the behavior of the entire African-American community, will speak out about this heinous act which doesn’t appear to be a hate crime. Predictably, Fox & Friends stoked the flames of white, racial resentment in  claiming that all three shooters are black when one is Hispanic and the other white. But this is a Fox “opinion” show so it’s all good …

The killing is quite horrific. In what appears to have been a “thrill kill,”  three teens targeted an Australian who was here in the US on a baseball  scholarship. After the Australian press identified the suspects, the right wing  blogs immediately ran with headlines that described all three youth as black.  Drudge’s headline was “Bored Black Teens Kill White Baseball Player for Fun.”  Even after it was disclosed that one of the boys is Hispanic and the other white, The Daily Caller’s banner was “Black Teens In Oklahoma Murder White  Jogger for Sport” under a photo in which included the white teen. So the stage  is set and enter, stage white and right, Fox & Friends.

This morning, Steve Doocy set the stage for this “hot topic all  across America.” He showed a photo of the victim and stressed that he was “murdered” (no actual verdict yet.) He then showed a photo  of the three young men as he described the accusation against them and described  how the African-American kid “apparently danced and laughed as he was  carted off to the police department.” Brian Kilmeade said “as  far as Chris Lane, a guy who was shot by three black teens, arbitrarily shot;  but that didn’t stop Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and President Obama from  weighing in.” Photos of Sharpton and Jackson were shown while crickets chirped. Anna Koiman said “we’re still waiting on the  tee-shirts.” Steve Doocy wanted to know where Al Sharpton was because  “he’s so good at starting rallies for people.” Kilmeade interjected, “the Duke  Lacrosse non rape story.” (So, I guess, Christian right leaders wouldn’t defend one of their own who was allegedly victimized?)

Advancing the blacks are thugs meme, so popular in the racist right wing, they showed a picture of the black suspect holding a gun which, when held by white guys like Ted Nugent, is considered sacred. (Ewww scary black man). They  showed a tweet from acceptable black man, Allen West, who described the shooters as three black men. (West, as you recall, had some problems related to gun use while in the military). West asked “who” Pres. Obama will  identity with. Steve Doocy opined “once again, probably  crickets.”

Of all the lies and propaganda pushed by Fox & Friends, this has to be  the worst that I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen a lot. First of all, the race of the alleged perps is not relevant to the story. Unlike Fox News, which is focused on  the race of the boys, when mainstream media mentions it, if they mention it at  all, it is as an informational point. Second, the racial makeup of the group has  been available for at least a day. Photos have been circulated which show the  white boy; but Fox & Friends didn’t use the photos. It’s really ugly. Not  for nothing is Fox & Friends the “morning happy-talk show that Ailes uses as  one of his primary vehicles to inject his venom into the media bloodstream.”

And  this time, the “venom” is straight up racist.

John Clarence and Tom Whittle, co-authors of The Gold House trilogy, allege a massive gold theft at White Sands Missile Range had its roots in a meeting more than three years before at Richard Nixon’s La Casa Pacifica home in California.

Las Cruces, New Mexico (PRWEB) July 23, 2013 – The Gold House trilogy, a book series by John Clarence and Tom Whittle, allege Nixon’s involvement in a massive gold theft during his time as President. The books present documents, reliable sources, and official Watergate testimony by John Dean as persuasive arguments.

Chapter 14 in the book titled “The Lies, The Thefts,” divulges the entire memorandum John Ehrlichman, Nixon’s Domestic Affairs Advisor,  wrote to Treasury Secretary David M. Kennedy and makes for an interesting read. “A concern raised in the Alexander-Nixon-Ehrlichman meeting was that since possession of gold was a violation of the law, [Keith] Alexander would relinquish the gold only if he were not prosecuted,” Clarence said. The authors added in the book, “Kennedy’s response came a week later outlining the Treasury Department’s position on gold found in a treasure trove.”  According to the book, Kennedy wrote, “… no license or authority was required to search for, discover, and possess buried treasure.” Kennedy also wrote, “Such a treasure was normally shared on a 50-50 basis with the government.” However, “Nowhere in the Gold Reserve Act did it state the government was entitled to anything,” Clarence said. On February 10, 1971 Secretary Kennedy, an honest and reputable individual, was no longer Secretary of Treasury; the following day Nixon appointed former Texas Governor John Connally.

Clarence and Whittle allege that documents presented in Chapter 8 of “The Lies, The Thefts” uncover the original source of the “50-50” arrangement. “It was rooted in an agreement between President John F. Kennedy’s military aide, Major General Chester Clifton and the Treasury Department in January 1963,” the authors claim. “The Kennedy-Chester arrangement concerned a government-financed excavation of a treasure trove found at Fort Huachuca, Arizona. However, a “50-50” split arrangement was not part of any statute related to The Gold Reserve Act,” they added.

Clarence and Whittle also contend that four months and two weeks after Nixon was elected to a second term, Ehrlichman and White House Counsel John Dean met with Nixon in the Oval Office when the issue of money was discussed. Nixon’s comments during the meeting were recorded on the Watergate tapes: “We could get that. On the money, if you need the money you could get that. You could get a million dollars. You could get it in cash. I know where it could be gotten. It is not easy, but it could be done.”

A number of FBI documents presented in The Gold House trilogy reveal that on Sunday, November 25, 1973, 36.5 tons of gold worth more than one billion dollars (at July 2013 prices), was stolen from White Sands Missile Range. A creditable source named in Chapter 20, entitled: “Events Preceding the Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend Gold Theft” alleged that Nixon was linked to the theft.

CORVALLIS, Oregon, July 15, 2013 (ENS) – Global sea levels will rise about 2.3 meters, or 7.5 feet, for every degree Celsius (1.8 degrees Fahrenheit) that the planet warms over the next several thousand years, finds new research that combines all the major causes of sea level rise.

This international study is one of the first to combine analyses of the four major contributors to potential sea level rise into a collective estimate, and compare it with evidence of past sea-level responses to global temperature changes.

Scientists say the four major contributors to sea-level rise on a global scale are: melting of glaciers, melting of the Greenland ice sheet, melting of the Antarctic ice sheet, and expansion of the ocean itself as it warms.

Several past studies have examined each of these components, the authors of this study say, but this is an early attempt to merge the four different analyses into a single projection.

The study, funded by the U.S. National Science Foundation and the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, is published in the current issue of the journal “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.”

“The study did not seek to estimate how much the planet will warm, or how rapidly sea levels will rise,” said author Peter Clark, an Oregon State University paleoclimatologist.

“Instead, we were trying to pin down the sea-level commitment of global warming on a multi-millennial time scale. In other words, how much would sea levels rise over long periods of time for each degree the planet warms and holds that warmth?”

“The simulations of future scenarios we ran from physical models were fairly consistent with evidence of sea-level rise from the past,” Clark explained.

“Some 120,000 years ago,” he said, “it was one to two degrees warmer than it is now and sea levels were about five to nine meters higher. This is consistent with what our models say may happen in the future.”

The researchers ran hundreds of simulations through their computer models to calculate how the four components would respond to warming, Clark said, finding that the amount of melting and subsequent sea-level response was commensurate with the amount of warming.

The exception, Clark said, is Greenland, which seems to have a threshold at which the response can be amplified.

“As the ice sheet in Greenland melts over thousands of years and becomes lower, the temperature will increase because of the elevation loss,” Clark said. “For every 1,000 meters of elevation loss, it warms about six degrees Celsius. That elevation loss would accelerate the melting of the Greenland ice sheet.”

By contrast, the Antarctic ice sheet is so cold that elevation loss will not affect it the same way.

The melting of the ice sheet there comes primarily from the calving of icebergs, which float away and melt in warmer ocean waters, or the contact between the edges of the ice sheet and seawater.

The authors note that sea-level rise in the past century has been dominated by the expansion of the ocean and melting of glaciers.

In the future, the biggest contributions may come from melting of the Greenland ice sheet, which could disappear entirely, and the Antarctic ice sheet, which will likely reach some kind of equilibrium with atmospheric temperatures and shrink significantly, but not disappear, the authors predict.

“Keep in mind that the sea level rise projected by these models of 2.3 meters per degree of warming is over thousands of years,” said Clark, who is a professor in Oregon State University’s College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences, where he teaches history and dynamics of former glaciers and ice sheets, paleo-sea level, paleoclimatology and abrupt climate change.

“If it warms a degree in the next two years, sea levels won’t necessarily rise immediately,” said Clark. “The Earth has to warm and hold that increased temperature over time.”

“However, carbon dioxide has a very long time scale and the amounts we’ve emitted into the atmosphere will stay up there for thousands of years,” he warned. “Even if we were to reduce emissions, the sea-level commitment of global warming will be significant.”


Also see:No terror connection? No problem, says NSA,” MSNBC

NSA Misled Surveillance Court Multiple Times, Secret Opinions Show,” ACLU

August 20 2013

Fresh off of a brand new series of document releases, including several that flat out admit to the NSA violating the US Constitution with its surveillance schemes and collecting broad swathes of data about ordinary Americans’ communications, the White House is quick with another statement.

Caught red-handed in repeated lies about the NSA not doing any surveillance of the American people, White House spokesman Josh Earnest issued a new statement that was materially identical to the old one, insisting that “there is no spying on Americans.”

Which would be good news, except for all that spying on Americans that’s clearly been going on. Instead of copping to it, the administration seems to be hoping that no one will notice if they reiterate the lies.

It’s not working. Recent polls show that President Obama’s approval rating continues to decline significantly, and is falling fastest among young voters. That’s only natural when the truth about NSA surveillance is as ugly as it is. But the big question is how long this can be sustained. More revelations of NSA violations keep coming, and even the schemes’ supporters see the Obama Administration’s position as totally untenable.

We still don’t know the full extent of the NSA’s abuse, and the more we learn the worse its going to get. The administration obviously won’t come clean on what’s still going on behind closed doors, but it is their refusal to come clean on what they already caught doing that is the most troubling aspect, one that dramatically underestimates the American public’s ability to get information that wasn’t in an official White House press release.

In 2010, suspicions were confirmed that Nazi war criminal Klaus Barbie had worked for the German Federal Intelligence Service (BND). A year later, it was discovered that in the 1990s the BND had destroyed nearly 600 pages of documents relating to Nazi mass murderer Alois Brunner, who was responsible for the deportation of 128,000 people. There is evidence that Brunner, one of Adolf Eichmann’s key collaborators, worked with the BND. This year, the BND had to admit it had also employed Wilfred von Oven, the former press secretary of Joseph Goebbels.

A recent Arte television documentary by Christine Rütten, Nazis in the German Federal Intelligence Service: A new job for old buddies, presented an insight into the survival of the Nazi dictatorship, which was carefully maintained by a compliant bureaucracy behind the facade of a democratic German Federal Republic. The scandalous history of the BND and its US-initiated precursor is narrated by eyewitnesses and historians such as Gerhard Sälter. The latter works for the independent Historians’ Commission, which has been investigating Nazism in the BND since 2011.

The most important figure in the early days of the intelligence agency was Reinhard Gehlen. He was a member of Hitler’s military elite and responsible for espionage against the Soviet Union. This involved the interrogation of Soviet prisoners of war. Although little is known about this chapter of BND history, according to the voiceover, “It is certain that more than 3 million Soviet soldiers died in German camps at the end of the war”.

After the war, Gehlen surrendered his department’s records to the Americans. They were not interested in whether or not he was a war criminal: “Whoever appeared useful to the American intelligence forces was given employment”. In determining whether someone had “behaved decently”, emphasis was placed on references from previous employers and co-workers prior to 1945.

Gehlen’s sister recalls in the film that her brother was an idealistic German patriot, ready to offer devoted service to the Fatherland—first in the Black Reichswehr of the Weimar Republic, and later in Hitler’s Wehrmacht, where he rose to become a general. The US secret service incorporated part of his staff in 1946. These officeholders were thus able continue the Nazis’ war against “Bolshevism” under a new label.

Wilhelm Krichbaum, a senior figure in the Nazi military, joined Gehlen in 1948. He had been head of the secret military police, which was—as American historian Paul B. Brown relates in the film—deeply involved in war crimes. Krichbaum became Gehlen’s recruitment director and sought out reliable people from the old Nazi milieu. His son said he was known among his mates as “Willi the communist eater”. Following Krichbaum’s death, evidence emerged that the Soviets had also tried to recruit him—without success.

Krichbaum was incorporated into the BND, which was established in 1956 as a department directly subordinate to the federal chancellery. Gehlen and his staff, now federal civil servants, found it easy to convince their new employers they were no longer Nazis. As shown in the film, a huge painting of Frederick the Great hung in the department. Prussian military traditions were also held high after the fall of the Third Reich. Former Nazi and BND agent Hans Globke’s ascendency to the ranks of the German Federal Republic’s top civil servants at the time of Konrad Adenauer’s chancellorship, appeared to be an unspoken amnesty with Nazism, as politician Egon Bahr (Social Democratic Party, SPD) aptly remarked.

In 1958, BND staffer Emil Augsburg was appointed senior civil servant for life, despite having been on the American war criminals wanted list 10 years earlier. Augsburg’s task force had been involved in mass executions of Jews in the Soviet Union. Another Nazi war criminal vouched for Augsburg’s clean slate. This was Franz Six, who was sentenced to prison for 20 years during the Nuremberg trials of 1948. He owed his release after just five years to the Adenauer administration.

A turning point was reached with the internationally sensational trial of Adolf Eichmann, which in 1961 sparked public protests and the demand to settle accounts with former Nazis employed by the German state. The BND feared that Eichmann might publicly discredit Globke during his trial. No one knows to this day why Eichmann remained silent—except, presumably, the BND. Public pressure on the German intelligence community increased with the Auschwitz trials, beginning in 1963.

In 1961, a review of all tenured BND agents was carried out internally in connection with the unmasking of double agent Heinz Felfe. This was a matter of self-protection, not de-Nazification. It became necessary to determine which agents were potentially vulnerable—due to their Nazi past—to blackmail by the Soviet KGB secret service.

Hans-Henning Crome, who had been commissioned by Gehlen to lead the review, described on camera the shock he felt when faced with details under the heading of “military service” in the files of several of the BND’s employees. He found himself confronted with the final report on the extermination of Jews in the Baltic states. There were more than 100,000 victims, Crome recalled. The report on his investigation was quashed. None of the colleagues he reviewed was ever punished for Nazi crimes.

As well as the full-time BND staffers, informants played an important role in the secret international fight against “communism”. Walther Rauff began working as an informant for the BND in 1958. This Nazi war criminal was known as the inventor of the gas van that was used to kill half a million people.

Rauff was recruited by former Waffen-SS man Wilhelm Beisner. They had known each other from their involvement with the Africa task force, which was intended to implement the final solution to the Jewish question in the Middle East. The end of the war prevented the planned mass annihilation. Like other Nazis, Rauff was later able to escape to Latin America. The BND also took advantage of the Nazi network in that region.

From 1958, Rauff lived in Chile as a businessman with close connections to the Chilean military. Although Germany had submitted a request for his extradition, he participated in a BND training programme in Germany, even travelling there under his own name, according to author Maria de la Soledad. A surviving 1963 report by a BND informant reveals that the extradition request was a deceptive manoeuver on the part of the authorities. According to the informant, the endorsement of Rauff’s extradition by a Chilean court of first instance was only effected to placate influential Jewish circles. The Chilean supreme court rejected the German extradition request. Rauff’s legal fees were partly covered by the BND.

In 1965, a BND agent in Bolivia met with a wood exporter, Klaus Altmann, who showed himself willing to work as an informant. When Altmann was banned from the German Club of La Paz for giving a Nazi salute, the agent declared it was “outrageous … to demean in this way a man whose national spirit was sound and private lifestyle impeccable”. Altmann, who maintained close contacts with Bolivia’s military and government circles, was working for the BND by the next year. His 35 reports as a spy are allegedly missing.

Altmann told the BND that the Central Office for the Investigation of National Socialist Crimes in Ludwigsburg was investigating him. He was therefore unable to travel to Germany to take part in a training course. A telephone call by the BND to Ludwigsburg would have immediately revealed that Altmann was none other than the wanted war criminal, Klaus Barbie. Although contact with Altmann was hastily cancelled in December 1966, it is possible that the collaboration was pursued at a different level. At the time, Barbie alias Altmann was a representative for Merex PLC, a company that concluded arms deals—including with the BND.

Today, SPD politician and former state prosecutor Willfried Penner accuses the BND of “obstructing justice” because of its failure to inform the office for Nazi crimes about Barbie/Altmann. They claim the intelligence agency was under an obligation to notify the appropriate authorities. But Penner, the chairman of the parliamentary control commission for intelligence matters, was not particularly resolute. When certain questions remained unanswered following Barbie’s arrest, the commission allowed the BND to evade them by claiming they were unaware that Barbie was Altmann. Apparently the “controllers” of the intelligence service also shared the opinion that “Altmann” should not have been reported and investigated.

Historian Gerhard Sälter regards as simply inexplicable the state’s deficit of “concern” about people who were possibly mass murderers. The BND’s argument that it lacked specialised knowledge about the Nazi criminals cannot apply. It implies that the BND needed nothing less than “a Gestapo thug to torture the required information out of prisoners”.

A look at post-war German history shows that right-wing forces were “used” to rebuild and defend the capitalist state. No right-wingers were better suited for the task than former Nazis unimpeded by any bias towards democracy.

Immediately after the war, strong anti-capitalist sentiments were held by the people of Germany. In the 1950s, many protested against the build-up of the German army and nuclear weapons. In the 1960s, many layers of the population demanded democratic reforms. As a result, the SPD and right-wing parties joined forces in the grand coalition of 1966. Former emigré Willy Brandt (SPD) sat next to former Nazi Kurt Georg Kiesinger (Christian Social Union, CDU), and next to former communist Herbert Wehner (SPD) sat Franz Josef Strauss (Christian Democratic Union, CSU).

From 1967, every German government delayed requesting the US to return Nazi membership records to the German authorities. Only in 1994 were the controversial Nazi documents taken into German possession. These provided information about the former NSDAP (Nazi party) membership of many high-ranking politicians, including three of the country’s federal presidents.

Christine Rütten’s film is an urgent appeal to the public to settle accounts with the Nazi past of the BND and the Federal Republic. The current “independent” commission of inquiry is hardly suitable for this undertaking. It was initiated by the BND and serves as an attempt to appease the public. Not only did the BND refuse to release information to the film crew. It also determines what historians are allowed to publish.

Christine Rütten’s film, Nazis in the German Federal Intelligence Service: A new job for old buddies, can be viewed in German on YouTube.