David Corn: Controlled Liberal, Status-Quo-Card-Marking-Limited-Hang-Out-Water-Carrier for the CIA

By Alex Constantine (2004, reposted) The name is so mnemonic that once you hear it, you can never get it out of your head: “David Corn,” the Washington editor for The Nation, that straggling house organ of the American left. Though I may occasionally find reason to respect an article appearing in The Nation, it […]

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GOP Watch , Racism

Meet White Supremacist Texas GOP Appeals Judge from Hell Edith Jones

She's not at all my cup of tea (party). Fifth-Circuit Texas Appeals Court Judge Edith Jones is a far-right racist with ties to the ...

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When ALL EVIDENCE is Considered, it is Indisputable that Michael Hutchence & Gianni Versace were Murdered by the Calabrian Mafia

Dancing on the Jetty: The Death of Michael Hutchence, et al REVISED & EXPANDED By Alex Constantine “Pop eats its young, that’s for ...

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Conservatives: Nazi-Bred Cows of the Internet

This afternoon I happened to wade into a comment section at "The Federalist," a pit of foaming conservative bovines who spend the ...

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Verbatim: North Korea’s Response to the Sony Hack Psyop

In mid-December, ubiquitous media reports claimed that the FBI had "confirmed," without a hint of equivocation, that North Korea was ...

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Books by Alex Constantine (Excerpts & Ordering Information)

"The Essential Mae Brussell: Investigations of Fascism in America" Edited by Alex Constantine, Foreword by Paul Krassner Feral House (2014), 359 pp. "The ...

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Radio Personality Dave Emory Listed in Prestigious Encyclopedia of American Loons

Introductory note: I recently wrote to Dave Emory,  Northern California radio conspiracy researcher and mud-slinger  -- his latest victim is ...

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The Guns ‘n’ Religion Right Blames “Muslim” Obama for the Murder of “American Sniper” Chris Kyle

By Alex Constantine "The Legend," as deceased Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle was widely known, was something of an adult Eric ...

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Mae Brussell Publishes a Book

From the Amazon site: "Mae Brussell was a married housewife with five children living in southern California before she took ...

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Duped! (Part Four): How Bill Casey’s CIA Ripped Off Live Aid to Arm the Ethiopian Contras

By Alex Constantine Free Enterprise Free enterprise -- it's free enough no doubt. Anything they give away you're better off without. A little war ...

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Plane Crash Kills Owner of Philly Inquirer After “Ugly” Debacle with Christie Ally George Norcross, who has Boasted of “Crushing” His Enemies

It was reported this morning that Lewis Katz, co-owner of the Philadelphia Inquirer, was killed in a plane crash at ...

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