The Search for the Truth About Lockerbie Bombing

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I suspect that "mainstream" journalists stumbling through legal wreckage of the Pan Am 103 bombing will be the last to wipe their eyes and face the fact that the 259 passengers, 11 on the ground, killed in the disaster were casualties of Iran contra . If I -- at the time, an obscure reporter with a weekly, 20-minute news program on KAZU-FM in Monterey, California, a tiny, independent public radio station -- could report that the bombing was the work of American intelligence "assets," then lavishly-financed, award-winning corporate journalists should have gotten beyond "the search for truth" and nailed it all down long ago. But after two decades in which all of the evidence against al-Megrahi has proven to be concocted and bubbled away like overcooked menudo, establishment journalists either continue to denounce him as a "murderer," and take transcription from lying politicians, or fall down on the trail of evidence for an opiated nap. It doesn't take a Seymour Hersh to follow the obvious clues. Back in 1995, the Independent tripped over one tossed out by a minister from the Labour Party: Lockerbie evidence 'planted by CIA'

The Independent, 15 June 1995

By Alasdair Soussi

The National , December 8, 2012

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