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ALEXANDRIA, Va. - Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell is facing some sharp criticism over a man he appointed to a key state job. McDonnell's choice of Fred Malek to serve as the Chairman of Virginia's Government Reform Commission has raised some eyebrows after Malek served in a controversial role during President Richard Nixon's administration. "This is the individual that Richard Nixon had making lists of Jews to purge from government, and it's shocking that Governor McDonnell would select him to chair his government reform commission," says Virginia state delegate David Englin (D - Alexandria). Englin says Malek, a McLean, Va. resident, has done nothing to disavow anti-Semitism. He calls the appointment a slap in the face to the state's Jewish employees. "You've got to ask the question, was there no person more qualified in all of Virginia to lead this panel than Richard Nixon's 'Jew Hunter?'," he says. ... CONT'D: