Monsanto’s Lies

Monsanto tells pack of lies in South Africa
Posted: 2007/06/26
Monsanto tells a pack of lies to the Adve

The Doomsday Seed Vault

"Doomsday Seed Vault" in the Arctic Bill Gates, Rockefeller and the GMO giants know something we don’t F. William Engdahl December 4, 200

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GMO and Morgellons Disease

. Peterson Global Research, March 27, 2008 Since the Clinton administration made biotechnology “a strategic priority for U.S. government backi

Farmers Sue Monsanto Over GMO Patents

"... This week, the company is in the news again. This time, the news is not about what they are doing (i.e. proliferating genetically modified organisms), but

Public Fooled by GE Companies, Supporters

"... Corporate shills such as Growers for Biotechnology would rather keep you in the dark, discredit anyone who questions corporations, such as Monsanto, and co