Book Review: America’s Nazi Secret

"It’s all ultimately supposed to be for the Cold War cause, but Loftus raises more sinister motives. These include a frenetic effort powerful US industrial

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What Nujol Started

THE DRUG STORY by Morris A. Bealle First printing December 1949 copyright 1949: . Bealle All Rights Reserved Chapter On

More Audi Nazi Secrets Revealed

Family Secrets: Audi’s Nazi History Audi has looked into its predeccesors' Nazi affiliations, and the results are fairly damning By Rhuaridh Marr

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Johannesburg’s Dirty Little Secret

By Alex Perry/Johannesburg
Sep. 04, 2008
" ... Imagine the public relations nightmare facing an oil company that uses technology resp

L’Oréal’s Nazi Past

Excerpt: Concerning L’Oréal and its subsidiary Helena Rubinstein Cosmetics, in a review of Ugly Beauty: Helena Rubinstein, L’Oréal and the Blemished Histo