CIA Role in Pakistan Raises Questions

Rekha Basu
Des Moines Register | January 5, 2011
Over five years ago, Pakistani businessman Masood Janjua and his friend, Faisal Faraz, headed on an

The War Crimes of David Petraeus

" ... For years the Bureau of Investigative Journalism (TBIJ) has reported on the use of the double tap—a strategy used by terrorists that involves bombing a

The CIA and the AQ Khan Nuclear Network

Caveat: The NY Times story detailed below, although generally consistent with earlier leaks pertaining to CIA involvement with the AQ Khan nuclear black market

The CIA's Pakistani Bounty Hunters

Atlantic Blog's Andrew Sullivan on "terrorists" captured the CIA's cut-outs in Pakistan: " ... Cheney and Rumsfeld simply 'knew' these people - mostly shifty

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The CIA and the Polio Murders

" ... In 2011, American intelligence, in a stunning display of arrogance, stupidity, or both, faked a vaccination drive as a cover for its attempt to pin down t