CIA Role in Pakistan Raises Questions

Rekha Basu
Des Moines Register | January 5, 2011
Over five years ago, Pakistani businessman Masood Janjua and his friend, Faisal Faraz, headed on an

The War Crimes of David Petraeus

" ... For years the Bureau of Investigative Journalism (TBIJ) has reported on the use of the double tap—a strategy used by terrorists that involves bombing a

The CIA's Pakistani Bounty Hunters

Atlantic Blog's Andrew Sullivan on "terrorists" captured the CIA's cut-outs in Pakistan: " ... Cheney and Rumsfeld simply 'knew' these people - mostly shifty

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The CIA and the Polio Murders

" ... In 2011, American intelligence, in a stunning display of arrogance, stupidity, or both, faked a vaccination drive as a cover for its attempt to pin down t