The Ratline: The US-Ustasha Connection

"... Blowback is the inevitable result. ..."
Also see: "The role of the Catholic Church in Yugoslavia's holocaust - Seán Mac Mathúna, 1941-1945"

The Nazi Ratline to Spain

" ... When the Nazis ran, many of them ran to Spain. They called it Das Trampolin because from here they were sprung across to South American friendlies. Yet ma

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Nazi Gold Funded Vatican Ratlines

Concordat Watch
New hope is being held out for the elderly survivors of the Croatian Holocaust.  In 1999 they launched their claim for compensation again

Costa Blanca’s Hidden Nazis

Spain's Costa Blanca provided a safe haven for many Nazis, allowing them to enjoy a retirement without regret or atonement
Martyn Richard Jones

Account of Groups that Aided Fleeing Nazis

" ... Whenever possible, Walters debunks the myth of Wiesenthal, asserting that he was a self-promoting fake and a liar. This is not news. The former head of th