Satanism & Ritual Abuse – Supplemental Documentation

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Well done, Alex. Fantastic work. Other successful cases you might be interested in:

Plea bargain in ritual abuse case:

Conviction for SRA in Perth in 1991:

Man convicted of SRA:

Yorkshire man convicted of SRA:

Jury finds murdered child was daughter of satanic ritual abuse survivor

See also:

South African satanist gets jail for raping girl:

Best of luck! I'll let you know if I dig up anything else.


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Lyle Courtsal

This stuff has been going on since time immemorial. Too bad that ang correlates it with the 60’s. Albert Pike has been around since the beginning of the nation and before; remember that it is the large scale killing that a people must become most habituated to in order to just get through the day. Also the distribution of these kinds of extreme ritual barbarity is even across the classes, with the ones with the most money avoiding consequences for their actions the best. Elizabeth Loftus and the group of people supporting and believing in her work is just one institutional example of how well organized, methodical, and completely depraved a “smart”, well funded, “loose network” of everyday people can be.

Lyle Courtsal

People make deals with the devil for power, for wealth for what they want. It is all but necessary in the US because the regular channels for getting things if you aren’t pretty, wealthy, or well educated get shut down very easily,especially if the churches are going bad (when have they ever been good in the US historically?).

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