Comment from AdamS, who takes issue with this sentence: " ... the Fed isn't printing money, as we, and others, keep saying. ... "

AdamS: "Rubbish. Do you dispute that the bailout was over ten trillion dollars in newly created money lent out at interest?"

Yes, I do. This is a distortion (setting aside the fact that the function of the Fed is to print money anyways) that turns the federal purchase of treasury bonds and other economic instruments into "newly created money," supposedly, and hobbling the recovery with hyper-inflation.

If you insist on the "creation of new money," point out the ensuing inflation to me. Show me. It doesn't exist. Deflation rules, in fact.

The quote was from Paul Krugman of the NY Times, who explains one source of the bailout money. I've also attached information from other sources to explain how this right-wing distortion - that the Fed is simply printing bales of worthless paper to save Wall Street - is false:

From "The Big Inflation Scare," by Paul Krugman, NYT, 5-28-09:

" ... Some claim that the Federal Reserve is printing lots of money, which must be inflationary, while others claim that budget deficits will eventually force the U.S. government to inflate away its debt.

"Now, it’s true that the Fed has taken unprecedented actions lately. More specifically, it has been buying lots of debt both from the government and from the private sector, and paying for these purchases by crediting banks with extra reserves. And in ordinary times, this would be highly inflationary: banks, flush with reserves, would increase loans, which would drive up demand, which would push up prices.

"But these aren’t ordinary times. Banks aren’t lending out their extra reserves. They’re just sitting on them — in effect, they’re sending the money right back to the Fed. So the Fed isn’t really printing money after all. ... "


Creating money is not the same as buying bonds, and note here that informed sources - eg. the Chinese government - make the proper distinction:

China warns Federal Reserve over 'printing money' - "China has warned a top member of the US Federal Reserve that it is increasingly disturbed by the Fed's direct purchase of US Treasury bonds. ... "


Loans, not New Paper

" ... the so called 'liquidity' injected by Fed into Banking system is NOT newly printed money. It is LOANS! Look it up in the dictionary, "Loans" have to be paid back! ... "


T Bills

"The Feds are not creating money, they are selling Treasury Bonds or “T BIlls” on which they pay as little as .75% interest. In other words the Feds are not printing money, but sopping up funds owned by others, e.g. private investors who are putting their money into cash.”


So who says that the Fed is recklessly "printing money," anyways? Try Rupert Murdoch's Wall Street Journal, a "conservative" spin machine: "Federal Reserve's move to print money shows perilous policy failure." The allegation is a right-wing plot to subvert Obama and economic recovery. If it fails, the GOP wins. That's how they see it. Rush Limbaugh openly admitted as much. Conclusion: Republicans are seditious liars and the "rubbish" piles up around them, not Paul Krugman.

- Alex Constantine