Raymond Davis’ Immunity Plea Rejected by Pak Court

"... Zahid Bokhari, Davis’s lawyer, told AFP the judge had ordered the trial to continue because for the past one-and-a-half months no document had been produced in the court related to Davis’s immunity. ..."

Pakistani Court Rejects CIA Killer Agent Plea for Immunity

PressTV | March 4, 2011

A Pakistani court has rejected the application of immunity submitted by the counsel representing Raymond Davis, the double murder accused CIA agent detained in Pakistan. Additional District and Sessions Judge (AD&SJ) Muhammad Yousaf Aujla on Thursday turned down the claim for diplomatic immunity submitted by the counsel.

The judge said the trial would continue against the U.S. national Raymond Davis because so far no directives or decision of any court regarding diplomatic immunity for him has been dispatched to his court. This he said in response to Davis counsel's plea that trial by the AD&SJ shouldn't proceed when the Lahore High Court decides on the immunity petition. The Nation


"As the accused has not appended the required documents with his earlier application, his plea for immunity is rejected," Asad Manzoor Butt, counsel for the complainants, quoted the judge as having said. Dawn

Lahore court's decision is despite the insistence of the U.S. government that he has diplomatic immunity.

"We are concerned that the proceedings are ongoing," U.S. State Department spokesman P J Crowley told reporters after a Lahore court rejected Davis' claim for diplomatic immunity and said it would go on with his trial. Hindustan Times

"We can't really comment on the litigation itself. We continue to stress to the Pakistani Government and to the Pakistani courts that he has full immunity from criminal prosecution," U.S. State Department spokesman P J Crowley said. Hindustan Times

"And that was notification that he, in fact, has diplomatic immunity," U.S. State Department spokesman P J Crowley continued. Pakistan, however, denies to accept that. Hindustan Times ...


Daily Times (Pakistan):

Court rejects Davis’ claim of immunity

... Zahid Bokhari, Davis’s lawyer, told AFP the judge had ordered the trial to continue because for the past one-and-a-half months no document had been produced in the court related to Davis’s immunity.

“We will see the detailed written order by the judge and then will be able to tell whether he had rejected the claim of diplomatic immunity or not,” he said.

“We have tried to stop this trial and asked for some documents related to this case from the court,” said Bokhari, who appeared for the first time on behalf of Davis.

At a previous hearing on February 25, Davis refused to sign the copy of the charge sheet, claiming diplomatic immunity and insisting that he be released.

An official of the US Consulate in Lahore and bereaved families were also present on the occasion. Meanwhile, a judicial magistrate on Thursday adjourned the hearing of an illegal arms case against Davis until March 15, his counsel Zahid Hussain Bukhari told APP.


No document supporting the immunity claim was submitted to the court, but PJ Crowley continues to insist ...

U.S. sticks to immunity in Davis case

March. 4, 2011

... "We did provide a diplomatic note in January 2010 that informed the government of Pakistan of his arrival in country, his assignment to the administrative and technical staff of the U.S. Embassy," he told reporters during his regular press briefing. "And that was notification that he, in fact, has diplomatic immunity." ...


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Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall

Hopefully Davis’ arrest will also blow the lid off the CIA “freedom fighters” in the Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA), who are responsible for much of the violence in the tribal areas. Owing to their heavy dependence on the US for political and economic aid, the Pakistani government has always tiptoed around the CIA training camps in Balochistan where young Baloch separatists are being trained. This seems to be changing, with an order by the Pakistani government demanding all Xe (Blackwater) agents be expelled and a new investigation of 414 Americans with diplomatic passports who serve no diplomatic function. (see http://realisticbird.wordpress.com/2011/03/03/blowback-from-the-arrest-of-the-cias-raymond-davis/ )

The reality is that there’s no way to ascertain whether random acts of terror in the tribal areas on the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan are caused by the Taliban, Al Qaeda or the CIA-funded BLA. However there’s no question that CIA-sponsored BLA terrorism is a major factor in the climate of violence and instability in the region – especially around the Chinese-built port in Gwadar, Pakistan (employed to offload Iranian oil destined for China).

The Pentagon/CIA make no secret of their desire to see energy and mineral rich Balochistan secede from Pakistan to become a US client state – just like energy and mineral rich Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and the other former Soviet republics.

I blog about this at http://stuartbramhall.aegauthorblogs.com/2010/12/30/the-us-as-a-semi-failed-state/
With a map of Free Balochistan drawn and copyrighted by retired Pentagon intelligence expert Lt Colonel Ralph Peters:

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