Klaus Barbie was West German Spy After WWII

I know, I know, the obvious caveat: Klaus Barbie, the Butcher of Lyons, also served the CIA after the war, ran a Bolivian death squad, the "Handmaidens of De

The Ratline: The US-Ustasha Connection

"... Blowback is the inevitable result. ..."
Also see: "The role of the Catholic Church in Yugoslavia's holocaust - Seán Mac Mathúna, 1941-1945"

German Spies of WWII

www.carpenoctem.tv/World War II had been over scarcely a week when a U.S. Army DC-3 touched down outside of Washington, D.C., ferrying a top-secret German cargo

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McCain's Nazi-Cocaine Connection

Also see: "Bush, McCain and the Old Iran-Contra Team" ELECTIONgawker.com/10-07-08 Well, this election is fast turning into an opposition-research-fueled shitsto