On Noam Chomsky

December 28, 2012 I have to say at the outset that I've never considered Noam Chomsky to be a "leading intellectual" on language, poli

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Eustace Mullins’ Racist Obsessions

" ... His talk was pure mental illness theater. ... "
Mullins' Wikipedia entry
Excerpt: Into the Psyche of Eustace Mullins
Graeme Wood


About Operation Red Dog
(From the "Who Rules Where" Website)
1981 was supposed to have seen the “Bayou of pigs” invasion. This hare-brained sche

The Education of Neo-Nazi KEVIN STROM

Also see: "Child Sex & Porn Charges Brought Against Neo-Nazi Leader." http://alexconstantine.blogspot.com/2007/07/child-sex-porn-charges-brought-against.html

Fritz Kuhn’s Celebrity Apprentice

Donald Trump is not Hitler. He’s more like the leader of the German-American Bund.
It was a political moment unprecedented in American history. A charis