Raymond Davis was a CIA contractor at the time of his arrest. But the Obama administration was not forthcoming initially and described him as a "diplomat," an implausible denial given the munitions found in his possession - what was the administration hiding? Davis was heavily armed, killed the two Pakistani agents tailing him. His camera's memory card, seized by police, stored photographs of government installations in Pakistan ...  If it was the States, the same evidence would be perceived by the FBI and talk radio nabobs as a prelude to terrorism ...

Pakistan detainee Raymond Davis works for CIA

Pakistani and U.S. authorities say U.S. Embassy worker Raymond Davis, who killed two alleged robbers in Lahore, works for the CIA. U.S. officials describe him as a contractor with the agency and insist he has diplomatic immunity and should be freed. ... Items found in Davis' Honda Civic after his arrest: a Glock 9-millimeter handgun, 75 rounds of ammunition, a global positioning system device, bolt cutters, a survival kit and a satellite phone. When police looked through the digital camera found in Davis' car, they discovered photos of Pakistani government installations near the Indian border. ... http://www.latimes.com/news/nationworld/world/la-fg-pakistan-cia-20110222,0,7234338.story

Davis is a CIA agent, no doubt: Pak intel official

LONDON/ISLAMABAD: US official Raymond Davis, arrested on charges of gunning down two men in Lahore, is a CIA agent, a media report said. The Guardian said based on interviews in the US and Pakistan, it can confirm that Davis, a former special forces soldier is employed by the CIA. It quoted a senior Pakistani intelligence official as saying that "it's beyond a shadow of doubt" . This may complicate US efforts to seek the release of Davis, who claims to have fired in self-defence when the two attempted to rob him. The 37-year-old Davis has been charged with murder. He shot at two men who had pulled up in front of his car at a traffic signal on January 25. In Islamabad, Pakistan PM Yousuf Raza Gilani said his government would deal with the matter without compromising national interests. "You should not be worried . There is a responsible government and it is working in the country's interest," he said when asked by reporters about Davis being a CIA operative . Davis was engaged in espionage and surveillance activities and was on a mission when the incident happened, claimed Punjab's law minister Rana Sanaullah. Davis is now lodged in a Lahore jail where additional security forces have been deployed . Obama administration has demanded the release of Davis contending that he is an "administrative and technical official" attached to its Lahore consulate and that he enjoys diplomatic immunity. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/world/pakistan/Davis-is-a-CIA-agent-no-doubt-Pak-intel-official/articleshow/7544468.cms#ixzz1EeSSnzeO