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I believe that Sharon Tate and Jay Sebring did not die that night. I believe that Frykowski was murdered (his son filed a civil suit and won $500,000) No other family members followed suit. Sharon Tate’s fetus would have required a birth and a death certificate or a fetal death certificate due to it being past 20 weeks gestation. The State of California replied to a request for a copy of that proof with a Certificate of No Record. The laws are clear, cemeteries and funeral homes must file proof of death before a fetus that age is interned. When the cemetery where Sharon and child are buried was asked as to why their is a headstone that marks the gave of her fetus and there is no proof of death, they replied that they could not give any information per request of the family. The FAMILY ordered the grave marker, why would the cemetery have to protect information they put out for the public to read in stone? No death certificate no fetus buried with his mother. The coroners report makes no mention of the pregnancy either. According to Bill Rinehart, Billy Doyle told Cass that Frykowski not only pistol whipped him in the head but sodomized him. Frykowski had 13 blows to his head made by the butt of the .22 High Standard 9 shot that was found in the hills months after the murders. Frykowski’s pants were also pulled down when he was found. Frykowski’s murder could have been motivated by drugs but it was fueled with rage. If Tex Watson was the murderer, it wasn’t Manson he was doing it for that night.


> I believe that Sharon Tate … did not die that night

Permit me to disillusion you. Sharon Tate’s death certificate is here:


If that doesn’t convince you that mass murder occurred, death scene photos are posted in the Google image bank.

There is a group of pariahs on the internet who pretend to do research, claiming, for instance, that the Boston bombing “didn’t happen,” that Newtown “didn’t happen,” that we have all been hoodwinked by theatrics into believing these murders occurred. The idea is to discredit legitimate research deconstructing these events and finding CIA or military intelligence ties. Here, on my comments page, is one of these psyop idiots claiming that the Manson murders “didn’t happen.” There are naive types out there who actually fall for this investigative moonshine. I can’t imagine how this is possible, because the “research” is so lame, but it happens, and when it does the disinformationists achieve their goal. But I don’t worry about it much, because I believe most people are cognitively capable of seeing through this bunk. I post an article explaining the intelligence background and motive for the Manson murders and death of Cass Elliott, and, of course, a troll turns up with absurd claims. Happens every time I post an article or comment on the net. This is an occupational hazard. But it is also an admission that someone out there is sweating because I revealed a few facts in public. Thank you for the confirmation.


I think Charles Manson and the Manson “Family” were a fascist conspiracy to make the hippies look bad. I suspect Manson himself was programmed. He had been in various prisons, where a lot of brainwashing occurs. While he likely learned mind control techniques there, he was also subjected to them. The film industry is involved in a lot of propaganda to get people to go along with the system. The Spahn Ranch was likely used in many of the Westerns that glorified the genocide of the Native Americans and programmed the minds of many people. Many people who got caught up in the Manson cult were vulnerable and naive people who were looking to escape the authoritarianism of their bourgeois families, but instead got taken in by this brainwashed brainwasher who pretended to be a hippie. The Spahn Ranch likely contained a lot of triggers that might have been used in programming the members of the Manson “Family”.

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