Arson in California: Tips Coming In On Martin Fire ‘Person Of Interest’

June 15, 2008
UPDATED: June 16, 2008

FELTON, Calif. -- Cal Fire officials said Monday they have received several calls after they released a sketch of a 'person of interest' in the Martin Fire that charred more than 500 acres, destroyed 10 structures and forced 1,500 residents to evacuate.

Cal Fire spokesman Bill Peters said his agency was seeking the public's help in tracking down the man. "We're really threadbare on information," Peters said. "That's why we need help trying to get him identified by the public."

The man was described as white, between 18 and 22 years old and about 5 feet 8 inches to 5 feet 11 inches tall with a thin build and sandy-colored hair, according to Cal Fire. A composite sketch of the man was released Saturday afternoon. Fire officials could not comment on why the man may have information about the fire. Anyone who may recognize the man is asked to call the Cal Fire Arson Hotline at (800) 468-4408. Callers may remain anonymous. ...

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Can you provide some context, comment, Mr. Constantine?
Normally, the aware reader can make connections between threads of inquiry.
Did this occur near where you live, or is this somehow connected?

It is connected to a long series of posts at this site, and at my “Blacklist” blog, on the topic of arson in California. Read the entire series of posts, and you will realize that this story is one of numerous arson fires. As it happens, I do live in California, and have spent years of my life traipsing through the forests in the mountains. That is why I haven’t posted since early June. I’ve been in the forest, and the forest is one with my identity. I don’t only live near the forests, I live in them. So you are right, there is a personal connection – and great sadness that anyone would want turn a forest to cinders. Mankind is a bitter disappointment. Nature is sustenance for the soul. I’m very unhappy without it, so arson is high on my list of evils in the world. – AC

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