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Constantine’s multimedia website, launched in January 2010, “The Constantine Report,” is an encyclopedic resource on the history of fascism with over 10,000 entries. The site is a detailed, indexed history of fascism since its inception under Mussolini, with emphasis on American influences, financing and covert operations. He has been the publisher of several political websites since 1995.


Alex Constantine’s “The Covert War Against Rock” (2000), ranked by the London Observer among “The 50 Best Books on Music Ever.” His books include Blood, Carnage and the Agent Provocateur (1993), Psychic Dictatorship in the USA (1994), Virtual Government (1996), and Jackals: The Stench of Fascism (formerly Terror on the Right, an e-book, 2013), to be re-released in paperback by Trine Day in November 2015. He is also editor of Fascism in America: The Essential Mae Brussell (Feral House, October, 2014).


Interviewed by the BBC on four occasions, once hosted an hour-long BBC documentary on the John Kennedy assassination (1998). Alex also hosted Jimi Hendrix: The Last 24 Hours, a BBC documentary directed by Mike Parkinson for Waterfall Productions in the UK.  He was interviewed in Power to the People, a video on the Black Panthers produced by Lee Lew Lee. Constantine’s investigation of the Children of God sect was the subject of a Hard Copy segment. He has appeared on a number of cable networks, including Turner Broadcasting (on the deaths of John Lennon and Jim Morrison), The History Channel, Discovery, and others.


Constantine began reporting on far-right politics in 1988 on KAZU-FM in Pacific Grove, CA, with The Constantine Report, a half-hour program that aired for five years.  He has been interviewed by numerous radio stations and networks, including the BBC, ABC affiliates in San Francisco and San Diego, Pacifica, and many AM radio talk show programs (Detroit, Denver, Olympia, London, San Diego, etc.). James Whale, a popular afternoon AM radio talk show host in London, England is an active supporter and has mirrored much of Constantine’s work on his website in the UK. He has been interviewed twice on “Coast to Coast” (November 23, 2013, October 27, 2014).